Some great ideas come from outside.

Valuable inspiration can come from anywhere.  We observe market niches from a user’s perspective, illuminated by technical and marketing experience.  The innovations that result are sifted and refined until they are ready for a home.  We don’t have the ability to bring them to market, but you do.

Ready to embrace Open Innovation?  We humbly ask for the opportunity to explore the possibilities:


Success is achieved when good ideas are executed by good teams.

You’ve achieved a high level of expertise, hard won market clout, and a respected brand.  You need to continually use those resources to deliver new value to your customers.

We bring award winning product innovation with the benefit of an external perspective.  We need allies with the ability to make things happen.

If the match is right, it could mean big rewards for you, and a little for us, too.


The development department you never hired.

You didn’t realize it, but we were working for you before we ever met.  The hours have sometimes been long, but the work is exciting and the future looks promising.

From here on, our interaction will be:

  • Professional
  • Based on trust and confidentiality
  • Committed to mutual benefit

We are:

Harper Abbot, BSME
Principal Developer

Kathryn Abbot, BMath.
Designer, Market Analyst, Developer



Phone/txt: 316-712-7032